ELT Department
Dear Students, Click here to reach the 2022-2023 Fall Semester MA and PhD Entrance Exam Interview information package.

You can find all the details about the online exams of the master's and doctoral programs in our department here. We wish our prospective graduate students success in their interviews.

Hacettepe University ELT department graduate online exams will be held between 29-30 June -01 July according to the evaluation lists announced by this page.
Online interviews will be held via Zoom software at 15-minute intervals with graduate and doctoral candidates who pass the preliminary evaluation. Although Zoom can work through browsers, candidates are encouraged to download the software and install it on their computer or mobile device.
Appointment times and other details for Master and Doctorate candidates have already been announced as separate notices as MA and PhD Entrance Exam . At the top of the relevant pages, there are Zoom Meeting Link tabs for appointment dates. These sections will be active on exam days.

When logging in to the Zoom link, we expect you to enter your name in the form of your Name and Surname. You can follow the current status of the candidates we have tested in the "status" section on the far right, and you can follow the link in this direction from moment to moment when you need to participate.

Please start following the updates on the relevant page at least one hour before your appointment time. Appointment periods can be flexible during the exam period, depending on the situation of the candidates who finished the exam early or late and could not attend the exam. For the candidates who do not enter the interview room at the appointment time, excuse interviews cannot be held and this candidate will be deemed not to have participated in the exam. All possible technical problems (internet connection speed, etc.) are the responsibility of the candidates, and candidates are expected to complete the relevant preparation before the exam. It is recommended that important aspects of the online meeting, such as audio and video quality, be tested before the meeting time.
Our trainers, whose information is presented as the Contact Person during the exam, will notify the candidates on the relevant page. Email addresses are also presented on the page. It is kindly requested not to contact our instructors for information about the content of the exam and not to report any situations that will not affect the exam.
We ask you to read the issues in this announcement carefully and wish you success.